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This trusty Hurtta Life Savior ECO flotation aid features a new softer, body-hugging float material, recycled fabrics, greater adjustability and balanced buoyancy for all breeds.

The trusty, lightweight Hurtta Life Savior ECO is made for swimming, boating, hunting, water rescue and more. New and improved version spring 2023! The new flotation material is softer and more flexible to conform to the dog’s body and balance weight optimally without restricting the swimming motion. And a new adjustment system at the chest section means a more snug fit for both thinner and stockier breeds. And because it’s ECO it was made with recycled fabrics and webbings. Other highlights include sturdy buckles, handy velcro strips at the chest for easy adjustments, a strong leash O-ring, safety reflectors and a heavy-duty handle to help you lift your dog when needed. It’s also great for dogs that are learning to swim or undergoing rehabilitation. Best of all, it provides all-day comfort and security both on the water and off.

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