Hurtta Warming Midlayer Eco Desert megztukas šunims

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It's getting colder, it's time to go for a walk, and your warm dog looks at you with an expression: "go yourself"? Are you a dog owner who trains agility or obedience? Or maybe you have an old dog at home who hides under a blanket whenever there's a slight breeze with the window open? If you answered yes at least once, we have ultra-warm clothes with extraordinary properties for your pet. It is a softly wrapping Hurrta Warming Midlayer fleece .

Its unique feature is the use of innovative solutions to maintain the dog's body temperature at the correct level and protect against hypothermia. This is the use of modern technology in the construction of the inner layer of clothing. It was covered with a specialprinted on aluminum foil , acting as a thermal blanket for athletes. This solution ensures thermal comfort for dogs sensitive to cold , e.g. elderly dogs or breeds with thin and sparse fur. This type of fleece is perfect for sporting dogs to prepare the body for exercise and afterward to provide it with a comfortable rest. It can be treated as a light transitional jacket in spring or autumn, a cover for cooler summer evenings or an internal, additional warming layer under the jacket in winter. Modern design and very high quality of workmanship, without "cutting corners", will meet the requirements and expectations of even the most demanding users.

The Warming Midlayer sweatshirt is here to staymade of soft, pleasant to the touch and flexible material . Its cut has been designed  to provide the animal with maximum comfort and not restrict movements during a walk, training or crazy play. The overlapping, two-layer front literally shields your dog, allowing for higher jumps and faster movements without distraction. Adjusting the length of the back, waist and collar allows for a perfect fit to the dog's body shape and protection against the cold. The lack of zippers and buckles makes it extremely easy to put on and take off and perfect to wear under suspenders. Reflective seams made using 3M technology reflect light and ensure good visibility. The sweatshirt covers approximately 70%. the dog's body and provides it with comfortable warmth. Additionally, the materials used to produce the fleece are recycled. At the same time, they meet the strict Bluedesign® standards, which focus on sustainable chemistry to ensure the highest level of safety for people, animals and the environment.

The sweatshirt is made with attention to every detail:

  • ensures thermal comfort
  • for dogs with thin hair, senior dogs, sporting dogs
  • made of recycled polyester
  • light and flexible
  • comfortable and does not restrict the dog's movements
  • breathable fabric
  • 3M reflective elements for visibility
  • with adjustable back length
  • high, adjustable collar
  • waist fit
  • perfect to wear under suspenders
  • dog coverage: approx. 70%
  • temperature: from 1510 to +10°C
  • quality and durability for years
  • with space for signing
  • color: honey