Hurtta Downpour Suit Raven

Įprasta kaina €70,00

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The Downpour Suit is a waterproof and dirt-resistant rain overall that protects your dog in the best way possible in changing weather conditions.

The overall has a high collar and rain trap in the collar, which stops rain from going inside the overall. The product is made of durable and comfortably flexible outdoor fabric that does not rustle when the dog moves. The adjustable leg length makes it possible to modify the overall. With neckline and waist tightening mechanisms, the overall can be adjusted to fit your dog and keep it in place in even the most active play. Ample reflectors in the collar and hind legs improve visibility in the dark. This product contains Clariant Sanitized® treatment (Green Camo). The active substance of the treatment is permethrin which protects against insects. The treatment is dermatologically tested and safe to use on dogs, but it may cause a reaction on sensitive skin.

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