Hurtta Mudventure Overall Eco Peacock

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Mudventure Overall ECO is a waterproof and dirt-resistant rain overall with lots of details that will keep your dog dry and mud-free in any weather.

Who says you can’t wear an umbrella? The Mudventure Overall ECO not only says you can, its lightweight-yet-durable, weatherproof fabric and fully taped seams prove it. Fluffy little friends love to wear it as a standalone piece, but for everyone else it’s designed also for layering atop the soft and toasty Midlayer Overall for added warmth. Your dog will find just the right level of warmth and comfort whether it’s a milder midseason day or a cold and rainy winter day. Your dog will also show the strongest surf who’s the boss. Plus you can feel good about your purchase because the Mudventure Overall ECO is made from earth-friendly 100% recycled fabric.
The overall’s clever half-zip construction makes dressing and removal quick and easy, something you and your dog will both appreciate. The Mudventure Overall ECO also features incredible adjustability. Handy elastic cords let you fine tune the back length, leg length, waist, chest and neck to find your dog’s perfect fit. The pant legs even have sturdy snap studs for dogs that want a more tapered leg fit. Another highlight is the overall’s Rainstopper collar that keeps wetness out and off of your dog’s neck. Put it all together and that’s how you stay dry and comfortable longer in any weather.
For even more wet-weather protection, the Mudventure Overall ECO features a wide, taped wind placket that makes the zipper and seam weatherproof. There’s even a closeable opening on top to connect a leash to a harness and keep rain out. The overall also helps keep mud and sand out of your dog’s coat, which means less mud and sand in your living room rug. After that, you’re ready to hit the trail or coast or even monsoon season if you’re up for it.
Oh, and don’t forget the large, luminous reflective designer prints on both sides which provide added safety during those early morning and late evening walks in busy urban areas.
We’re all for rainy-day fun at Hurtta and the Mudventure Overall ECO is a sure way to make the most of every one.

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