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Complementary feed from whole fish - Baltic Herring

Baltic Herring (Latin: Clupea harengus membras) is a Baltic subspecies of Atlantic Herring from the Herring family. Length up to 20 cm, raw weight 25-50 g. It is a relatively large fish, therefore ideal for medium and large dogs. The high content of protein (up to 70%), calcium and phosphorus (up to 25 grams per 1 kg of product) - all this makes the Baltic Herring an irreplaceable addition to your pet's diet. Perfectly cleanses plaque and massage the gums. Baltic Herring, like all other products of the DOGSLIKEFISH line, are cooked in special ovens and in a drying mode that allows you to save 70% -80% of the useful components found in whole fish. As a raw material, as a rule, we use Baltic Herring caught in the Baltic Sea, which undergo a careful manual sorting before drying.

Feeding recommendations:

  • Depending on the size of the dog – 3-5 fishes per day

  • Always provide enough fresh drinking water!

Analytical Constituents

Ingredients:    100% Baltic Herring
Energy value per 100g. product:    247 Kkal / 1046 kJ
Crude protein:    58%
Crude fat:    23%
Carbohydrates:    0,5%
Crude cellulose:    <0,4%
Crude ash:    8,7%
Moisture content:    <5%
Omega 3:    4,3%