ESCAPURE sausas maistas su arkliena - 1 kg

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Horse meat 50%
Horse hearts and horse lungs 7%
potato flakes 32%
rapeseed oil 3%
amaranth 2%
whole egg 2%
Vegetable and herb mix 2%
minerals 2%
Nutritional physiological additives
Vitamin A 14000IU, vitamin D3 1400IU, vitamin E 80mg/kg, vitamin B1 10mg/kg, vitamin B2 10mg/kg, vitamin B6 6mg/kg, vitamin B12 30mcg/kg, biotin 250mcg/kg, pantothenic acid 20mg/kg, niacin 40mg/kg, folic acid 2mg/kg, iron 175mg/kg, zinc 125mg/kg, copper 10mg/kg, cobalt 0.4mg/kg, manganese 20mg/kg, iodine 2mg/kg, selenium 0.3mg /kg

Please always provide a sufficient amount of fresh drinking water. Adjust approximate values ​​to the individual circumstances of your dog (exercise, activity, metabolism, breed, illness, season).

weight of the dog feeding amount per day
2-5kg 55 - 90g
6-10kg 125-180g
11-22kg 210 - 300g
23-40kg 345 - 500g